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diff --git a/frontends/verilog/ b/frontends/verilog/
index d46dfa6e..477f26b4 100644
--- a/frontends/verilog/
+++ b/frontends/verilog/
@@ -125,6 +125,11 @@ struct VerilogFrontend : public Frontend {
log("The command 'verilog_defaults' can be used to register default options for\n");
log("subsequent calls to 'read_verilog'.\n");
+ log("Note that the Verilog frontend does a pretty good job of processing valid\n");
+ log("verilog input, but has not very good error reporting. It generally is\n");
+ log("recommended to use a simulator (for example icarus verilog) for checking\n");
+ log("the syntax of the code, rather than to rely on read_verilog for that.\n");
+ log("\n");
virtual void execute(FILE *&f, std::string filename, std::vector<std::string> args, RTLIL::Design *design)