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writing extensions to Yosys using the C++ API.
+\section{About me}
+\begin{frame}{About me}
+Hi! I'm Clifford Wolf.
+I like writing open source software. For example:
+\item Yosys
+\item OpenSCAD (now maintained by Marius Kintel)
+\item SPL (a not very popular scripting language)
+\item EmbedVM (a very simple colipler+vm for 8 bit micros)
+\item Lib(X)SVF (a library to play SVF/XSVF files over JTAG, used at LHC)
+\item ROCK Linux (inactive since 2010)
+What do I do for a living? Ask me off the record..
Yosys is an Open Source Verilog synthesis tool, and more.