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@@ -136,6 +136,18 @@ struct EquivInductPass : public Pass {
log(" -seq <N>\n");
log(" the max. number of time steps to be considered (default = 4)\n");
+ log("This command is very effective in proving complex sequential circuits, when\n");
+ log("the internal state of the circuit quickly propagates to $equiv cells.\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log("However, this command uses a weak definition of 'equivalence': This command\n");
+ log("proves that the two circuits will not diverge after they produce equal\n");
+ log("outputs (observable points via $equiv) for at least <N> cycles (the <N>\n");
+ log("specified via -seq).\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log("Combined with simulation this is very powerful because simulation can give\n");
+ log("you confidence that the circuits start out synced for at least <N> cycles\n");
+ log("after reset.\n");
+ log("\n");
virtual void execute(std::vector<std::string> args, Design *design)