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* Fixed parsing of default cases when not last caseClifford Wolf2013-11-18
* Fixed mem2reg for reg usage outside always blockClifford Wolf2013-11-18
* Added commented-out osu025 maping commands to cmos techmap exampleClifford Wolf2013-11-18
* Added -v<level> option and some minor driver cleanupsClifford Wolf2013-11-17
* Renamed ABCHGPULL to ABCPULL in MakefileClifford Wolf2013-11-16
* Improved building of yosys-abcClifford Wolf2013-11-13
* Fixed abc pass blif parser for constant bitsClifford Wolf2013-11-13
* Fixed parsing of "parameter integer"Clifford Wolf2013-11-13
* Cleanups and bugfixes in response to new internal cell checkerClifford Wolf2013-11-11
* Added information on all internal cell types to internal checkerClifford Wolf2013-11-11
* Call internal checker more oftenClifford Wolf2013-11-10
* Improved user-friendliness of "sat" and "eval" expression parsingClifford Wolf2013-11-09
* Silenced a gcc warning in spice backendClifford Wolf2013-11-09
* Added verification of SAT model to "eval -vloghammer_report" commandClifford Wolf2013-11-09
* More undef-propagation related fixesClifford Wolf2013-11-08
* Fixed handling of different signedness in power operandsClifford Wolf2013-11-08
* Fixed keep attribute on wires in opt_cleanClifford Wolf2013-11-08
* Implemented const folding of ternary op with undef selectClifford Wolf2013-11-08
* Removed debug log from const_pow()Clifford Wolf2013-11-08
* Fixed handling of power operatorClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed more extend vs. extend_u0 issuesClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Disabled const folding of ternary op when select is undefClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Renamed extend_un0() to extend_u0() and use it in genrtlilClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed type of sign extension in opt_const $eq/$ne handlingClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed sign handling in constantsClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed const folding in corner cases with parametersClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Removed done or obsolete TODO itemsClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed width detection for replicate operatorClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed $eq/$ne bitwise optimization in opt_constClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed at_zero evaluation of dynamic rangesClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Various fixes for correct parameter supportClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed the fix for propagation of width hints for $signed() and $unsigned()Clifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed techmap of $reduce_xnor with multi-bit outputsClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed techmap of $gt and $ge with multi-bit outputsClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Added handling of unconnected/unspecified signals to eval -vloghammer_reportClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Fixed propagation of width hints for $signed() and $unsigned()Clifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Improved undef handling in == and != for ConstEvalClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Additional fixes for undef propagation in concat and replicate opsClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Improved width extension with regard to undef propagationClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Fixed handling of undef values in POS cells in ConstEvalClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Fixed handling of undef values in MUX select input in ConstEvalClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Added correct RTL undef handling to eval vloghammer modeClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Added eval -vloghammer_report modeClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Added support for "keep" attributes on wiresClifford Wolf2013-11-05
* Fixed sign handling in const eval of sshl and sshrClifford Wolf2013-11-05
* Makefile DESTDIR default (/usr/local) without quotesClifford Wolf2013-11-04
* Another fix for early width and sign detection in ast simplifierClifford Wolf2013-11-04
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2013-11-04
| * Merge pull request #16 from mschmoelzer/masterClifford Wolf2013-11-04
| |\
| | * Allow setting of installation destination via DESTDIR variable in MakefileMartin Schmölzer2013-11-04
| |/