Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Added RTLIL::Module::fixup_ports() API and RTLIL::*::rewrite_sigspecs() APIClifford Wolf2013-06-18
* Added more stuff to xsthammer, found first xst bugClifford Wolf2013-06-17
* Added support for "assign" statements in abc vlparseClifford Wolf2013-06-15
* Added ternary op and concat op to xsthammerClifford Wolf2013-06-15
* Fixed even more ConstEval bugs found using xsthammerClifford Wolf2013-06-14
* Added consteval testing to xsthammer and fixed bugsClifford Wolf2013-06-13
* More xsthammer improvements (using xst 14.5 now)Clifford Wolf2013-06-13
* More fixes for bugs found using xsthammerClifford Wolf2013-06-13
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2013-06-12
| * Added "scatter" commandClifford Wolf2013-06-12
| * Renamed yosys-show temp files to be dot-files in the users home directoryClifford Wolf2013-06-12
| * Fixed gcc build (c++11 stuff in ezSAT)Clifford Wolf2013-06-12
* | Another fix for a bug found using xsthammerClifford Wolf2013-06-12
* Further improved and extended xsthammerClifford Wolf2013-06-11
* More xsthammer improvementsClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* More sign-extension related fixesClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Sign-extension related fixes in SatGen and AST frontendClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Progress xsthammer scriptsClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Improvements and fixes in SAT codeClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Added history file read/write to driverClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Progress in xsthammer: working proof for cell modelsClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Fixes and improvements in AST const foldingClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Enabled AST/Verilog front-end optimizations per defaultClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Fixed generation of newlines in "dump" outputClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Added "rename" commandClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Progress on xsthammerClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Added first xsthammer scriptsClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Renamed "sat_solve" pass to "sat"Clifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Implemented temporal induction proofs in sat_solveClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Added support for non-temporal proofs to sat_solveClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Re-organization in sat_solver pass for temporal inductionClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Added ezSAT api support for don't care values in modelsClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Fixed handling of $_XOR_ in SAT generatorClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Added sequential solving support to sat_solveClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Set rl_basic_word_break_characters in shellClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Improved readline tab completionClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Look for yosys-abc and yosys-svgviewer where the main exe isClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Added "make abc" and "make install-abc"Clifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Moved cmds from kernel/ to passes/cmds/Clifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Fixed typo is sat_solve help msgClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Added support for shifter cells to SAT generatorClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Added "cd" and "ls" commands for convenienceClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Various improvements in sat_solve pass and SAT generatorClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Added -all and -max options to sat_solveClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Fixes and improvements in ezSAT libraryClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Improved auto-detection of -show signals in sat_solveClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Improved sat generator and sat_solve passClifford Wolf2013-06-07
* Added SAT generator and simple sat_solve commandClifford Wolf2013-06-07
* Added ezSAT libraryClifford Wolf2013-06-07
* Renamed opt_rmunused to opt_cleanClifford Wolf2013-06-05