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* Added tests/realmath to "make test"Clifford Wolf2014-06-15
* Improved AstNode::realAsConst for large numbersClifford Wolf2014-06-15
* Improved realmath test benchClifford Wolf2014-06-15
* Improved parsing of large integer constantsClifford Wolf2014-06-15
* Improved AstNode::asReal for large integersClifford Wolf2014-06-15
* improved realmath test benchClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* improved (fixed) conversion of real values to bit vectorsClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* progress in realmath test benchClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Fixed relational operators for const real expressionsClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* added first draft of real math testcase generatorClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Progress in presentationClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Added %D and %c select commandsClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Added support for math functionsClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Added realexpr.v test caseClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Added handling of real-valued parameters/localparamsClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Implemented more real arithmeticClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Implemented basic real arithmeticClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Added real->int convertion in ast genrtlilClifford Wolf2014-06-14
* Added Verilog lexer and parser support for real valuesClifford Wolf2014-06-13
* Added read_verilog -sv options, added support for bit, logic,Clifford Wolf2014-06-12
* Now we are in Yoys 0.3.0+ developmentClifford Wolf2014-06-08
* Tagging Yosys 0.3.0Clifford Wolf2014-06-08
* Updated ABC to 7600ffb9340cClifford Wolf2014-06-08
* added tests for new verilog featuresClifford Wolf2014-06-07
* fixed cell array handling of positional argumentsClifford Wolf2014-06-07
* Add support for cell arraysClifford Wolf2014-06-07
* Added support for repeat stmt in const functionsClifford Wolf2014-06-07
* further improved const function supportClifford Wolf2014-06-07
* made the generate..endgenrate keywords optionalClifford Wolf2014-06-06
* improved const function supportClifford Wolf2014-06-06
* fix functions with no block (but single statement, loop, etc.)Clifford Wolf2014-06-06
* Added tests/simple/repwhile.vClifford Wolf2014-06-06
* improved ast simplify of const functionsClifford Wolf2014-06-06
* added while and repeat support to verilog parserClifford Wolf2014-06-06
* Improved error message for options after front-end filename argumentsClifford Wolf2014-06-04
* added tee cmdClifford Wolf2014-06-03
* Fixed log messages in memory_dffClifford Wolf2014-06-01
* Updated ABC to rev fa4404b395f0Clifford Wolf2014-05-29
* Merge pull request #36 from hansiglaser/masterClifford Wolf2014-05-29
| * added log_header to miter and expose pass, show cell type for exposed portsJohann Glaser2014-05-28
| * new flags -ignore_miss_func and -ignore_miss_dir for read_libertyJohann Glaser2014-05-28
| * be more verbose when techmap yielded processesJohann Glaser2014-05-26
* Fixed bug in opt_reduce (see vloghammer issue_044)Clifford Wolf2014-05-12
* fixed syntax error in dot file created by "show" commandClifford Wolf2014-05-10
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2014-05-09
| * Progress in presentationClifford Wolf2014-05-06
| * Improved ezsat stand-alone testsClifford Wolf2014-05-06
* | Updated ABC to 67c84cdd49e4Clifford Wolf2014-05-09
* workaround for OpenBSD 'stdout' implementationClifford Wolf2014-05-03
* workaround for OpenBSD 'stdin' implementationClifford Wolf2014-05-02