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* Added $slice and $concat cell typesClifford Wolf2014-02-07
* Added support for non-const === and !== (for miter circuits)Clifford Wolf2013-12-27
* Replaced signed_parameters API with CONST_FLAG_SIGNEDClifford Wolf2013-12-04
* Replaced RTLIL::Const::str with generic decoder methodClifford Wolf2013-12-04
* Added proper dumping of signed/unsigned parameters to verilog backendClifford Wolf2013-11-24
* Renamed "placeholder" to "blackbox"Clifford Wolf2013-11-22
* Implemented $_DFFSR_ expression generator in verilog backendClifford Wolf2013-11-21
* Write yosys version to output filesClifford Wolf2013-11-03
* Fixed handling of boolean attributes (backends)Clifford Wolf2013-10-24
* Fixed handling of boolean attributes (kernel)Clifford Wolf2013-10-24
* Added $_SR_[PN][PN]_, $_DFFSR_[PN][PN][PN]_, $_DLATCH_[PN]_Clifford Wolf2013-10-18
* Added $sr, $dffsr and $dlatch cell typesClifford Wolf2013-10-18
* Added -selected option to various backendsClifford Wolf2013-09-03
* More explicit integer output in verilog backendClifford Wolf2013-08-22
* Implemented proper handling of stub placeholder modulesClifford Wolf2013-03-28
* Avoid verilog-2k in verilog backendClifford Wolf2013-03-21
* More support code for $sr cellsClifford Wolf2013-03-14
* Fixed a gcc compiler warning [-Wparentheses]Clifford Wolf2013-03-03
* Added more help messagesClifford Wolf2013-03-01
* initial importClifford Wolf2013-01-05