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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Don't override with fail-missingRuben Undheim2019-10-18
* Fix lintiansRuben Undheim2018-10-17
* Some lintian fixesRuben Undheim2018-07-12
* Yet another adjustment of build for indepRuben Undheim2016-04-09
* Override dh_auto_build-arch instead of dh_auto_build to resolve build issue f...Ruben Undheim2016-04-09
* dh_auto_build-indep doesn't existRuben Undheim2016-04-09
* Override dh_auto_build-indepRuben Undheim2016-04-09
* fail the deb build if any files didn't get installedSebastian Kuzminsky2016-04-04
* add yosys-docSebastian Kuzminsky2016-04-04
* teach debian to build the docs (manual and presentation)Sebastian Kuzminsky2016-03-28
* handle yosys-smtbmc's dependency on pythonSebastian Kuzminsky2016-03-03
* add a manpage for yosys-smtbmcSebastian Kuzminsky2016-03-03
* enable parallel compilationSebastian Kuzminsky2016-03-03
* don't run "make" as part of override_dh_auto_configureSebastian Kuzminsky2016-03-03
* Set PREFIX for all build stepsRuben Undheim2015-10-14
* Set PREFIX in d/rulesRuben Undheim2015-10-14
* Not linking with unused libraries.Ruben Undheim2014-09-14
* Updated patches and rulesRuben Undheim2014-09-05
* make config-release in rulesRuben Undheim2014-04-12
* Added debian folder to the ubuntu branch of yosisRuben Undheim2014-04-12