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* Added sat -ignore_div_by_zero switchClifford Wolf2013-08-15
* Added SAT support for $div and $mod cellsClifford Wolf2013-08-11
* Fixed shift ops with large right hand sideClifford Wolf2013-07-09
* More fixes for bugs found using xsthammerClifford Wolf2013-06-13
* Another fix for a bug found using xsthammerClifford Wolf2013-06-12
* Sign-extension related fixes in SatGen and AST frontendClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Improvements and fixes in SAT codeClifford Wolf2013-06-10
* Implemented temporal induction proofs in sat_solveClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Fixed handling of $_XOR_ in SAT generatorClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Added sequential solving support to sat_solveClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Added support for shifter cells to SAT generatorClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Various improvements in sat_solve pass and SAT generatorClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Improved sat generator and sat_solve passClifford Wolf2013-06-07
* Added SAT generator and simple sat_solve commandClifford Wolf2013-06-07