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* Added support for @<set-name> in expand select ops (%x, %ci, %co)Clifford Wolf2013-04-01
* Added -color <color> <selection> option to show commandClifford Wolf2013-04-01
* Fixed "select" for "%%" stmt with emty stackClifford Wolf2013-03-31
* fixed typosJohann Glaser2013-03-18
* Changed prefix for selection operators from # to %Clifford Wolf2013-03-14
* Added #ci and #co selection operatorsClifford Wolf2013-03-14
* Added more features to #x selection operatorClifford Wolf2013-03-14
* Added "select -write" commandClifford Wolf2013-03-14
* Fixed and improved #x selection operatorClifford Wolf2013-03-08
* Added ## selection operator (union all on stack)Clifford Wolf2013-03-08
* Added select -count modeClifford Wolf2013-03-08
* Fixed parsing of select #x<num> operatorClifford Wolf2013-03-06
* Implemented much better #x select operatorClifford Wolf2013-03-05
* Added support for #x:<num> select stmtClifford Wolf2013-03-03
* Minor hotfixes (mostly gcc build fixes)Clifford Wolf2013-03-03
* Implemented general handler for selection argumentsClifford Wolf2013-03-03
* Added id2cstr APIClifford Wolf2013-03-01
* Added help msg to select command (and minor improvements)Clifford Wolf2013-02-28
* Added a:*=* syntax to select frameworkClifford Wolf2013-01-05
* initial importClifford Wolf2013-01-05