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* Create a default selection stack in RTLIL::Design::Design()Clifford Wolf2014-09-02
* Added emscripten (emcc) support to build system and some build fixesClifford Wolf2014-08-22
* Added "plugin" commandClifford Wolf2014-08-22
* Fixed proc_{self,share}_dirname error handlingClifford Wolf2014-08-17
* More bugfixes related to new RTLIL::IdStringClifford Wolf2014-08-02
* Preparations for RTLIL::IdString redesign: cleanup of existing codeClifford Wolf2014-08-02
* Added logfile hash to statistics footerClifford Wolf2014-08-01
* Added ModIndex helper class, some changes to RTLIL::MonitorClifford Wolf2014-08-01
* Moved some stuff to kernel/yosys.{h,cc}, using Yosys:: namespaceClifford Wolf2014-07-31
* Added "kernel/yosys.h" and "kernel/"Clifford Wolf2014-07-30