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* Fixed trailing whitespacesClifford Wolf2015-07-02
* Header changes so it will compile on VSWilliam Speirs2014-10-17
* Disabled ezminisat timeout feature for Win32Clifford Wolf2014-10-11
* Renamed TRUE/FALSE to CONST_TRUE/CONST_FALSE because of name collision on Win32Clifford Wolf2014-10-10
* Removed Minisat dependency on zlibClifford Wolf2014-07-25
* Added ezSAT::keep_cnf() and ezSAT::non_incremental()Clifford Wolf2014-07-21
* Fixed ezSAT stand-alone buildClifford Wolf2014-07-21
* Added libs/minisat (copy of minisat git master)Clifford Wolf2014-03-12
* Merged a few fixes for non-posix systems from Wolf2014-03-11
* Added ezSAT::eliminated API to help the SAT solver remember eliminated variablesClifford Wolf2014-03-01
* ezSAT bugfix: don't call virtual methods in base class constructorClifford Wolf2014-03-01
* Added support for Minisat::SimpSolver + ezSAT frezze() APIClifford Wolf2014-02-23
* Added ezMiniSat EZMINISAT_INCREMENTAL compile-time optionClifford Wolf2014-02-22
* Made MiniSat solver backend configurable in ezminisat.hClifford Wolf2014-02-22
* Removed undef feature from ezsat apiClifford Wolf2013-11-25
* Changed MiniSAT feater defines againClifford Wolf2013-10-31
* Fixed ezminisat C++ errors: undef PRIi64Clifford Wolf2013-10-30
* Fixed minisat includeClifford Wolf2013-10-11
* Fixed gcc warnings in ezminisatClifford Wolf2013-07-05
* Added timout functionality to SAT solverClifford Wolf2013-06-20
* Added ezSAT api support for don't care values in modelsClifford Wolf2013-06-09
* Fixes and improvements in ezSAT libraryClifford Wolf2013-06-08
* Added ezSAT libraryClifford Wolf2013-06-07