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* Performance optimization in subcircuit miningClifford Wolf2013-03-03
* Added "shared nodes" feature to the subcircuit libraryClifford Wolf2013-03-03
* Fixed subcircuit allowOverlap=false corner caseClifford Wolf2013-03-03
* Fixed memory corruption in subcircuit minerClifford Wolf2013-03-03
* Minor hotfixes (mostly gcc build fixes)Clifford Wolf2013-03-03
* Finished "extract -mine" featureClifford Wolf2013-03-02
* More fun with subcircuit miningClifford Wolf2013-03-02
* Added -mine option to extract pass (not finished)Clifford Wolf2013-03-02
* subcircuit library: implied allExtern for miningClifford Wolf2013-03-02
* Added frequent subcircuit miner to subcircuit libraryClifford Wolf2013-03-02
* Moved stand-alone libs to libs/ directory and added libs/subcircuitClifford Wolf2013-02-27