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* New upstream version 0.9Ruben Undheim2019-10-18
* New upstream version 0.7+20180830git0b7a184Ruben Undheim2018-08-30
* Imported yosys 0.7Ruben Undheim2016-11-03
* Squashed commit of the following:Ruben Undheim2016-09-23
* Fixed trailing whitespacesClifford Wolf2015-07-02
* Bugfix in chparamClifford Wolf2015-06-30
* Added support for "file names with blanks"Clifford Wolf2015-04-08
* Added "chparam -list"Clifford Wolf2015-04-07
* typo fixClifford Wolf2015-04-07
* Added "chparam" commandClifford Wolf2015-04-07
* Added Yosys::{dict,nodict,vector} container typesClifford Wolf2014-12-26
* namespace YosysClifford Wolf2014-09-27
* Refactoring: Renamed RTLIL::Design::modules to modules_Clifford Wolf2014-07-27
* Refactoring: Renamed RTLIL::Module::cells to cells_Clifford Wolf2014-07-27
* Refactoring: Renamed RTLIL::Module::wires to wires_Clifford Wolf2014-07-27
* Added setattr and setparam commandsClifford Wolf2014-02-05