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* Imported GIT HEAD: 0.8+20190328git32bd0f2Ruben Undheim2019-03-28
* New upstream version 0.7+20180830git0b7a184Ruben Undheim2018-08-30
* Squashed commit of the following:Ruben Undheim2016-09-23
* Improved inout handling in equiv_makeClifford Wolf2015-10-21
* Spell check (by Larry Doolittle)Clifford Wolf2015-08-14
* Fixed trailing whitespacesClifford Wolf2015-07-02
* Fixed equiv_make for partially undriven nets (e.g. after "clean -purge")Clifford Wolf2015-01-31
* Added "equiv_make -blacklist <file> -encfile <file>"Clifford Wolf2015-01-31
* Various equiv_* improvementsClifford Wolf2015-01-24
* Improvements in equiv_make, equiv_inductClifford Wolf2015-01-22
* Moved equiv stuff to passes/equiv/Clifford Wolf2015-01-22