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* Do not the 'z' modifier in format string (another win32 fix)Clifford Wolf2014-10-11
* Renamed SIZE() to GetSize() because of name collision on Win32Clifford Wolf2014-10-10
* namespace YosysClifford Wolf2014-09-27
* Corrected spelling mistakes found by lintianRuben Undheim2014-09-06
* Don't change existing binary FSM encoding if it is already optimalClifford Wolf2014-08-30
* Some improvements in FSM mapping and recodingClifford Wolf2014-08-14
* Refactoring: Renamed RTLIL::Design::modules to modules_Clifford Wolf2014-07-27
* Refactoring: Renamed RTLIL::Module::cells to cells_Clifford Wolf2014-07-27
* Merged a few fixes for non-posix systems from Wolf2014-03-11
* Replaced RTLIL::Const::str with generic decoder methodClifford Wolf2013-12-04
* Improved FSM one-hot encoding, added binary encodingClifford Wolf2013-05-24
* Added help messages for fsm_* passesClifford Wolf2013-03-01
* initial importClifford Wolf2013-01-05