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* Added ENABLE_NDEBUG makefile optionsClifford Wolf2015-01-24
* Added statehash to ezSATClifford Wolf2014-12-29
* Converting "share" to dict<> and pool<> completeClifford Wolf2014-12-29
* Switched most of "share" to dict<> and pool<>Clifford Wolf2014-12-29
* Renamed hashmap.h to hashlib.h, some related improvementsClifford Wolf2014-12-28
* More dict/pool related changesClifford Wolf2014-12-27
* Improved TopoSort determinismClifford Wolf2014-11-07
* Fixed various VS warningsClifford Wolf2014-10-18
* Renamed SIZE() to GetSize() because of name collision on Win32Clifford Wolf2014-10-10
* sat encoding for exclusive $pmux ctrl inputs in "share" passClifford Wolf2014-10-03
* added resource sharing of $macc cellsClifford Wolf2014-10-03
* resource sharing of $alu cellsClifford Wolf2014-10-03
* namespace YosysClifford Wolf2014-09-27
* Re-enabled assert for new logic loops in "share" passClifford Wolf2014-09-21
* Various improvements regarding logic loops in "share" resultsClifford Wolf2014-09-21
* Logic loop bugfix for "share" passClifford Wolf2014-09-21
* Added "share -limit"Clifford Wolf2014-09-21
* Still loop bug in "share": changed assert to warningClifford Wolf2014-09-21
* Do not introduce new logic loops in "share"Clifford Wolf2014-09-21
* Assert on new logic loops in "share" passClifford Wolf2014-09-21
* Removed $bu0 cell typeClifford Wolf2014-09-04
* Moved "share" and "wreduce" to passes/opt/Clifford Wolf2014-09-01