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* Fixed bug in freduce commandClifford Wolf2014-03-07
* Some minor code cleanups in freduce commandClifford Wolf2014-03-07
* Added freduce -dumpClifford Wolf2014-03-06
* Added freduce -stopClifford Wolf2014-03-06
* fixed freduce for Minisat::SimpSolver: use frozen_literal()Clifford Wolf2014-03-03
* Improved performance of freduce input cone reductionClifford Wolf2014-01-04
* Improved freduce performance on const signalsClifford Wolf2014-01-04
* Performance improvements in freduce passClifford Wolf2014-01-03
* More freduce cleanupsClifford Wolf2014-01-03
* Cleanups in freduce commandClifford Wolf2014-01-03
* Use selection in freduce commandClifford Wolf2014-01-03
* Another small freduce cleanup/bugfixClifford Wolf2014-01-03
* More freduce cleanups and bugfixesClifford Wolf2014-01-03
* Fixed more complex undef cases in freduceClifford Wolf2014-01-02
* More "freduce" related fixes and improvementsClifford Wolf2014-01-02
* Some cleanups in freduce -inv mode (and switched from -noinv to -inv)Clifford Wolf2014-01-02
* Major rewrite of "freduce" commandClifford Wolf2014-01-02
* freduce performance fixClifford Wolf2013-08-10
* Added -try option to freduce passClifford Wolf2013-08-08
* Fixed topological ordering in freduce passClifford Wolf2013-08-07
* Small bugfixes in freduce passClifford Wolf2013-08-06
* Added freduce commandClifford Wolf2013-08-06