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* Squashed commit of the following:Ruben Undheim2016-09-23
* Spell check (by Larry Doolittle)Clifford Wolf2015-08-14
* Fixed trailing whitespacesClifford Wolf2015-07-02
* Bugfix for $_DFF_?_ in "dff2dffe -direct-match"Clifford Wolf2015-04-17
* Fixed "dff2dffe -direct-match"Clifford Wolf2015-04-16
* Added "dff2dffe -direct-match"Clifford Wolf2015-04-16
* Added "dffinit", Support for initialized Xilinx DFFClifford Wolf2015-04-04
* Bugfix in dff2dffeClifford Wolf2015-01-16
* Added "dff2dffe -direct" for direct gate mappingClifford Wolf2014-12-24
* Added "dff2dffe -unmap"Clifford Wolf2014-12-24
* Added support for gate-level cells in dff2dffeClifford Wolf2014-12-24
* Added functionality to dff2dffe passClifford Wolf2014-12-08
* Added skeleton dff2dffe passClifford Wolf2014-12-08