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* Added support for i/o buffers to iopadmapClifford Wolf2013-10-26
* Added support for sr flip-flops to dfflibmapClifford Wolf2013-10-24
* Fixed handling of boolean attributes (passes)Clifford Wolf2013-10-24
* Improved way of connecting ports in techmap passClifford Wolf2013-10-17
* Added iopadmap passClifford Wolf2013-10-16
* Moved dfflibmap from passes/dfflibmap to passes/techmapClifford Wolf2013-10-16
* Moved common techlib files to techlibs/commonClifford Wolf2013-09-15
* Added techmap -opt modeClifford Wolf2013-08-09
* Fixed techmap/flatten for positional module argumentsClifford Wolf2013-05-26
* Added missing newline to some error messagesClifford Wolf2013-05-23
* Added support for const cell inputs in techmapClifford Wolf2013-04-27
* Added "flatten" passClifford Wolf2013-04-26
* Added proper TECHMAP_FAIL support and added support for the celltype attribut...Clifford Wolf2013-03-28
* Removed date from auto-generated passes/techmap/stdcells.incClifford Wolf2013-03-18
* add header to autogenerated file on its originJohann Glaser2013-03-18
* fixed typosJohann Glaser2013-03-18
* Automatically select new objects in abc and techmap passesClifford Wolf2013-03-08
* Added more help messagesClifford Wolf2013-03-01
* added .gitignore filesClifford Wolf2013-01-05
* initial importClifford Wolf2013-01-05