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* Added "test_cell -nosat"Clifford Wolf2014-09-07
* Various bug fixes (related to $macc model testing)Clifford Wolf2014-09-06
* Added $macc SAT modelClifford Wolf2014-09-06
* Added $macc cell typeClifford Wolf2014-09-06
* Added "test_cell -script"Clifford Wolf2014-09-06
* Removed $bu0 cell typeClifford Wolf2014-09-04
* Fixed "test_cells -vlog"Clifford Wolf2014-09-03
* Improvements in "test_cell -vlog"Clifford Wolf2014-09-02
* Added test_cell -vlogClifford Wolf2014-09-02
* Added SAT testing to test_cell eval stageClifford Wolf2014-09-02
* Added $alu support to test_cellClifford Wolf2014-09-01
* Added "test_cell -simlib -v"Clifford Wolf2014-09-01
* Added eval testing to test_cellClifford Wolf2014-08-31
* Added $lut support in test_cell, techmap, satgenClifford Wolf2014-08-31
* Changed backend-api from FILE to std::ostreamClifford Wolf2014-08-23
* Added "test_cell -s <seed>"Clifford Wolf2014-08-16
* RIP $safe_pmuxClifford Wolf2014-08-14
* More cleanups related to RTLIL::IdString usageClifford Wolf2014-08-02
* Added "test_autotb -n <num_iter>" optionClifford Wolf2014-08-01
* Renamed port access function on RTLIL::Cell, added param access functionsClifford Wolf2014-07-31
* Added "techmap -assert"Clifford Wolf2014-07-31
* Improvements in test_cellClifford Wolf2014-07-30
* Added "test_cell" commandClifford Wolf2014-07-29
* Renamed "write_autotest" to "test_autotb" and moved to passes/tests/Clifford Wolf2014-07-29