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* Added .barbuf support to abc BLIF parserClifford Wolf2015-05-13
* Fixed memory_unpack for initialized memoriesClifford Wolf2015-04-29
* Preserve important attributes in splitnetsClifford Wolf2015-04-29
* Added $eq/$neq -> $logic_not/$reduce_bool optimizationClifford Wolf2015-04-29
* Added simplemap $lut supportClifford Wolf2015-04-27
* Improved attributes API and handling of "src" attributesClifford Wolf2015-04-24
* Fixed memory_share for unconditional write with part select to memoryClifford Wolf2015-04-22
* don't consider blackbox modules in "sat" commandClifford Wolf2015-04-18
* Improved handling of init values in opt_rmdffClifford Wolf2015-04-18
* Bugfix for $_DFF_?_ in "dff2dffe -direct-match"Clifford Wolf2015-04-17
* Improved "maccmap" help messageClifford Wolf2015-04-16
* Fixed "dff2dffe -direct-match"Clifford Wolf2015-04-16
* Added "dff2dffe -direct-match"Clifford Wolf2015-04-16
* Added "splice -wires"Clifford Wolf2015-04-13
* Added handling of bool-output cells to "wreduce"Clifford Wolf2015-04-13
* Added memory_bram "make_outreg" featureClifford Wolf2015-04-09
* Minor fixes in handling of "init" attributeClifford Wolf2015-04-09
* techmap code cleanupClifford Wolf2015-04-09
* Added support for "file names with blanks"Clifford Wolf2015-04-08
* Removed "techmap -share_map" (use "-map +/filename" instead)Clifford Wolf2015-04-08
* Added %M and %C select operatorsClifford Wolf2015-04-07
* Added "pmuxtree" commandClifford Wolf2015-04-07
* Added "chparam -list"Clifford Wolf2015-04-07
* Added decoder generation to "muxcover"Clifford Wolf2015-04-07
* Added "muxcover" commandClifford Wolf2015-04-07
* typo fixClifford Wolf2015-04-07
* Added "chparam" commandClifford Wolf2015-04-07
* Added support for initialized bramsClifford Wolf2015-04-06
* Avoid parameter values with size 0 ($mem cells)Clifford Wolf2015-04-05
* Added $_MUX4_, $_MUX8_, and $_MUX16_ cell typesClifford Wolf2015-04-05
* Added "dffinit", Support for initialized Xilinx DFFClifford Wolf2015-04-04
* documentation improvementsClifford Wolf2015-03-29
* Fixed detection of absolute paths in ABC for win32Clifford Wolf2015-03-22
* Fixed handling of quotes in liberty parserClifford Wolf2015-03-18
* Added hierarchy -auto-topClifford Wolf2015-03-18
* Fixed bug in "hierarchy" for parametric designsClifford Wolf2015-03-04
* Added non-std verilog assume() statementClifford Wolf2015-02-26
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2015-02-25
| * Added "keep_hierarchy" attributeClifford Wolf2015-02-25
* | Bugfix in iopadmapClifford Wolf2015-02-25
* Some cleanups in "clean"Clifford Wolf2015-02-24
* Fixed compilation problems with gcc 4.6.3; use enum instead of const ints.Clifford Wolf2015-02-24
* Fixed "check -assert"Clifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Added "check -assert" docClifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Added "check -assert"Clifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Fixed "sat -initsteps" off-by-one bugClifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Added "sat -stepsize" and "sat -tempinduct-step"Clifford Wolf2015-02-21
* sat docu changeClifford Wolf2015-02-21
* When "sat -tempinduct-baseonly -maxsteps N" reaches maxsteps it is a good thing.Clifford Wolf2015-02-21
* Added "sat -tempinduct-baseonly -tempinduct-inductonly"Clifford Wolf2015-02-21