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* Added "dffinit", Support for initialized Xilinx DFFClifford Wolf2015-04-04
* documentation improvementsClifford Wolf2015-03-29
* Fixed detection of absolute paths in ABC for win32Clifford Wolf2015-03-22
* Fixed handling of quotes in liberty parserClifford Wolf2015-03-18
* Added hierarchy -auto-topClifford Wolf2015-03-18
* Fixed bug in "hierarchy" for parametric designsClifford Wolf2015-03-04
* Added non-std verilog assume() statementClifford Wolf2015-02-26
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2015-02-25
| * Added "keep_hierarchy" attributeClifford Wolf2015-02-25
* | Bugfix in iopadmapClifford Wolf2015-02-25
* Some cleanups in "clean"Clifford Wolf2015-02-24
* Fixed compilation problems with gcc 4.6.3; use enum instead of const ints.Clifford Wolf2015-02-24
* Fixed "check -assert"Clifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Added "check -assert" docClifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Added "check -assert"Clifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Fixed "sat -initsteps" off-by-one bugClifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Added "sat -stepsize" and "sat -tempinduct-step"Clifford Wolf2015-02-21
* sat docu changeClifford Wolf2015-02-21
* When "sat -tempinduct-baseonly -maxsteps N" reaches maxsteps it is a good thing.Clifford Wolf2015-02-21
* Added "sat -tempinduct-baseonly -tempinduct-inductonly"Clifford Wolf2015-02-21
* Fixed basecase init for "sat -tempinduct"Clifford Wolf2015-02-21
* Fixed "flatten" for non-pre-derived modulesClifford Wolf2015-02-21
* Replaced ezDefaultSAT with ezSatPtrClifford Wolf2015-02-21
* Catch constants assigned to cell outputs in "flatten"Clifford Wolf2015-02-21
* format fixes in "sat -dump_json"Clifford Wolf2015-02-19
* Added "sat -dump_json" (WaveJSON format)Clifford Wolf2015-02-19
* Changed "show" defaults for Win32Clifford Wolf2015-02-19
* Fixed clang (svn trunk) warningsClifford Wolf2015-02-18
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2015-02-18
| * wreduce help typo fixClifford Wolf2015-02-17
* | Added "select %xe %cie %coe"Clifford Wolf2015-02-18
* Bugfix in wreduceClifford Wolf2015-02-16
* Added Viz to yosys.jsClifford Wolf2015-02-15
* Added "check -noinit"Clifford Wolf2015-02-15
* Cosmetic fixes in "hierarchy" for blackbox modulesClifford Wolf2015-02-15
* More emscripten stuff, Added example appClifford Wolf2015-02-15
* Fixed "stat" handling of blackbox modulesClifford Wolf2015-02-14
* Various fixes for memories with offsetsClifford Wolf2015-02-14
* Added $meminit support to "memory" commandClifford Wolf2015-02-14
* Added $meminit cell typeClifford Wolf2015-02-14
* hotfix in "check" commandClifford Wolf2015-02-13
* Added "check" commandClifford Wolf2015-02-13
* Some test related fixesClifford Wolf2015-02-12
* Added "proc_dlatch"Clifford Wolf2015-02-12
* Less aggressive "share" defaultsClifford Wolf2015-02-10
* Added "scc -expect <N> -nofeedback"Clifford Wolf2015-02-10
* Fixed iterator invalidation bug in "rename" commandClifford Wolf2015-02-09
* Fixed bug in "show -format .."Clifford Wolf2015-02-08
* Fixed eval_select_op() apiClifford Wolf2015-02-08
* Added eval_select_args() and eval_select_op()Clifford Wolf2015-02-08