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* Verific build fixesClifford Wolf2015-05-17
* Towards DRAM support in Xilinx flowClifford Wolf2015-04-09
* Added support for initialized xilinx bramsClifford Wolf2015-04-06
* Added Xilinx bram black-box modulesClifford Wolf2015-04-06
* Various cleanups in xilinx techlibClifford Wolf2015-01-18
* Added MUXCY and XORCY support to synth_xilinxClifford Wolf2015-01-17
* Added add_share_file Makefile macroClifford Wolf2015-01-08
* Towards Xilinx bram supportClifford Wolf2015-01-04
* Added "make PRETTY=1"Clifford Wolf2014-07-24
* Added synth_xilinx commandClifford Wolf2013-10-27