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* Imported yosys 0.7Ruben Undheim2016-11-03
* Another block of spelling fixesLarry Doolittle2015-08-14
* Added autotest -e (do not use -noexpr on write_verilog)Clifford Wolf2014-08-30
* Consolidated hana test benches into fewer filesClifford Wolf2014-08-01
* Added "make -j{N}" support to "make test"Clifford Wolf2014-07-30
* Added note to "make test": use git checkout of iverilogClifford Wolf2014-07-16
* Added tests/realmath to "make test"Clifford Wolf2014-06-15
* added more .gitignore files (make test)Clifford Wolf2013-01-05
* initial importClifford Wolf2013-01-05