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* bugfix in blif front-endClifford Wolf2015-05-18
* added vloghtb test_febe.shClifford Wolf2015-05-17
* Added "wreduce" to some of the standard test benchesClifford Wolf2014-08-03
* Added "make -j{N}" support to "make test"Clifford Wolf2014-07-30
* Improvements in tests/vloghtbClifford Wolf2014-07-28
* Added techmap -externClifford Wolf2014-07-27
* Use "wget -N" in tests/vloghtb/run-test.shClifford Wolf2014-07-26
* Use "opt -fine" in test/vloght/test_mapopt.shClifford Wolf2014-07-21
* Various improvements in test/vloghtbClifford Wolf2014-07-21
* Supercell creation for $div/$mod worked all along, fixed test benchesClifford Wolf2014-07-20
* Small fix in tests/vloghtb/run-test.shClifford Wolf2014-07-20
* Added tests/vloghtb/test_share.shClifford Wolf2014-07-20
* Added tests/vloghtbClifford Wolf2014-07-20