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-[![License GPL 3][badge-license]](
-[![MELPA Stable](](
## About
Zenburn for Emacs is a direct port of the popular
@@ -15,49 +10,6 @@ the eyes.
This theme uses the new built-in theming support available starting
with Emacs 24.
-## Installation
-### Manual
-Download `zenburn-theme.el` to the directory `~/.emacs.d/themes/`. Add this to your
-(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "~/.emacs.d/themes/")
-Now you can load the theme with the interactive function `load-theme` like this:
-`M-x load-theme RET zenburn`
-### Package.el
-Zenburn is available in both [MELPA Stable](
-and [MELPA](
-You can install `zenburn` with the following command:
-`M-x package-install zenburn-theme`
-To load it automatically on Emacs startup add this to your init file:
-(load-theme 'zenburn t)
-### Emacs Prelude
-Zenburn for Emacs is already bundled into
-[Emacs Prelude]( If you're a
-Prelude user - you're probably already using Zenburn, since it's
-Prelude's default color theme. You can load Zenburn at any time by
-`M-x load-theme zenburn`.
-### Debian and Ubuntu
-Users of Debian 9 or later or Ubuntu 16.10 or later may simply
-`apt-get install elpa-zenburn-theme`.
## Customization
If you'd like to tweak the theme by changing just a few colors, you can
@@ -104,5 +56,3 @@ You can support my work on Zenburn and [all my other projects](