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authorBasil L. Contovounesios <>2016-12-31 07:22:34 +0000
committerBozhidar Batsov <>2016-12-31 09:22:34 +0200
commit47af9bc9f640b9f5e45ef47354e2eaa0c5d732d0 (patch)
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parent52a7a067d1e773a17e60cd7e6e6ed0b9c257dcca (diff)
Replace obsolete :bold face attribute (#263)
Replace face attribute `:bold t' with `:weight bold' as per the documentation for the function `set-face-attribute'.
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1 files changed, 27 insertions, 27 deletions
diff --git a/zenburn-theme.el b/zenburn-theme.el
index ea2ed37..77ee465 100644
--- a/zenburn-theme.el
+++ b/zenburn-theme.el
@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ Also bind `class' to ((class color) (min-colors 89))."
`(link-visited ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow-2 :underline t :weight normal))))
`(default ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-fg :background ,zenburn-bg))))
`(cursor ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-fg :background ,zenburn-fg+1))))
- `(escape-glyph ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow :bold t))))
+ `(escape-glyph ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow :weight bold))))
`(fringe ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-fg :background ,zenburn-bg+1))))
`(header-line ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow
:background ,zenburn-bg-1
@@ -348,8 +348,8 @@ Also bind `class' to ((class color) (min-colors 89))."
`(diff-header ((,class (:background ,zenburn-bg+2))
(t (:background ,zenburn-fg :foreground ,zenburn-bg))))
- ((,class (:background ,zenburn-bg+2 :foreground ,zenburn-fg :bold t))
- (t (:background ,zenburn-fg :foreground ,zenburn-bg :bold t))))
+ ((,class (:background ,zenburn-bg+2 :foreground ,zenburn-fg :weight bold))
+ (t (:background ,zenburn-fg :foreground ,zenburn-bg :weight bold))))
;;;;; diff-hl
`(diff-hl-change ((,class (:foreground ,zenburn-blue :background ,zenburn-blue-2))))
`(diff-hl-delete ((,class (:foreground ,zenburn-red+1 :background ,zenburn-red-1))))
@@ -535,27 +535,27 @@ Also bind `class' to ((class color) (min-colors 89))."
;;;;; git-rebase
`(git-rebase-hash ((t (:foreground, zenburn-orange))))
;;;;; gnus
- `(gnus-group-mail-1 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-mail-1-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-mail-1 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-mail-1-empty))))
`(gnus-group-mail-1-empty ((t (:inherit gnus-group-news-1-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-mail-2 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-mail-2-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-mail-2 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-mail-2-empty))))
`(gnus-group-mail-2-empty ((t (:inherit gnus-group-news-2-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-mail-3 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-mail-3-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-mail-3 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-mail-3-empty))))
`(gnus-group-mail-3-empty ((t (:inherit gnus-group-news-3-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-mail-4 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-mail-4-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-mail-4 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-mail-4-empty))))
`(gnus-group-mail-4-empty ((t (:inherit gnus-group-news-4-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-mail-5 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-mail-5-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-mail-5 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-mail-5-empty))))
`(gnus-group-mail-5-empty ((t (:inherit gnus-group-news-5-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-mail-6 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-mail-6-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-mail-6 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-mail-6-empty))))
`(gnus-group-mail-6-empty ((t (:inherit gnus-group-news-6-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-mail-low ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-mail-low-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-mail-low ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-mail-low-empty))))
`(gnus-group-mail-low-empty ((t (:inherit gnus-group-news-low-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-news-1 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-news-1-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-news-2 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-news-2-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-news-3 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-news-3-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-news-4 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-news-4-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-news-5 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-news-5-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-news-6 ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-news-6-empty))))
- `(gnus-group-news-low ((t (:bold t :inherit gnus-group-news-low-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-news-1 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-news-1-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-news-2 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-news-2-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-news-3 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-news-3-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-news-4 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-news-4-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-news-5 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-news-5-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-news-6 ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-news-6-empty))))
+ `(gnus-group-news-low ((t (:weight bold :inherit gnus-group-news-low-empty))))
`(gnus-header-content ((t (:inherit message-header-other))))
`(gnus-header-from ((t (:inherit message-header-to))))
`(gnus-header-name ((t (:inherit message-header-name))))
@@ -959,7 +959,7 @@ Also bind `class' to ((class color) (min-colors 89))."
:box (:line-width 1 :style released-button)))))
`(org-date ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-blue :underline t))))
`(org-deadline-announce ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-red-1))))
- `(org-done ((t (:bold t :weight bold :foreground ,zenburn-green+3))))
+ `(org-done ((t (:weight bold :weight bold :foreground ,zenburn-green+3))))
`(org-formula ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow-2))))
`(org-headline-done ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-green+3))))
`(org-hide ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-bg-1))))
@@ -978,11 +978,11 @@ Also bind `class' to ((class color) (min-colors 89))."
`(org-sexp-date ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-blue+1 :underline t))))
`(org-special-keyword ((t (:inherit font-lock-comment-face))))
`(org-table ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-green+2))))
- `(org-tag ((t (:bold t :weight bold))))
+ `(org-tag ((t (:weight bold :weight bold))))
`(org-time-grid ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-orange))))
- `(org-todo ((t (:bold t :foreground ,zenburn-red :weight bold))))
+ `(org-todo ((t (:weight bold :foreground ,zenburn-red :weight bold))))
`(org-upcoming-deadline ((t (:inherit font-lock-keyword-face))))
- `(org-warning ((t (:bold t :foreground ,zenburn-red :weight bold :underline nil))))
+ `(org-warning ((t (:weight bold :foreground ,zenburn-red :weight bold :underline nil))))
`(org-column ((t (:background ,zenburn-bg-1))))
`(org-column-title ((t (:background ,zenburn-bg-1 :underline t :weight bold))))
`(org-mode-line-clock ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-fg :background ,zenburn-bg-1))))
@@ -1068,12 +1068,12 @@ Also bind `class' to ((class color) (min-colors 89))."
`(rcirc-server-prefix ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-green+1))))
`(rcirc-timestamp ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-green+2))))
`(rcirc-nick-in-message ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow))))
- `(rcirc-nick-in-message-full-line ((t (:bold t))))
- `(rcirc-prompt ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow :bold t))))
+ `(rcirc-nick-in-message-full-line ((t (:weight bold))))
+ `(rcirc-prompt ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow :weight bold))))
`(rcirc-track-nick ((t (:inverse-video t))))
- `(rcirc-track-keyword ((t (:bold t))))
- `(rcirc-url ((t (:bold t))))
- `(rcirc-keyword ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow :bold t))))
+ `(rcirc-track-keyword ((t (:weight bold))))
+ `(rcirc-url ((t (:weight bold))))
+ `(rcirc-keyword ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow :weight bold))))
;;;;; re-builder
`(reb-match-0 ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-bg :background ,zenburn-magenta))))
`(reb-match-1 ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-bg :background ,zenburn-blue))))
@@ -1097,7 +1097,7 @@ Also bind `class' to ((class color) (min-colors 89))."
`(rst-level-5-face ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-cyan))))
`(rst-level-6-face ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-green-1))))
;;;;; sh-mode
- `(sh-heredoc ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow :bold t))))
+ `(sh-heredoc ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow :weight bold))))
`(sh-quoted-exec ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-red))))
;;;;; show-paren
`(show-paren-mismatch ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-red+1 :background ,zenburn-bg+3 :weight bold))))