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* finalise changelog for 2.6-1 uploadSean Whitton2018-10-20
* drop --parallel from d/rulesSean Whitton2018-10-20
* Commit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadataSean Whitton2018-10-20
* Source package configuration for dgit-maint-merge(7)Sean Whitton2018-10-20
* install screenshots/Sean Whitton2018-10-20
* bump copyright yearsSean Whitton2018-10-20
* update Vcs-* and MaintainerSean Whitton2018-10-20
* changelog for byte compilation rebuilddebian/2.5-2David Bremner2018-06-02
* release to unstabledebian/2.5-1Sean Whitton2017-06-19
* add emacsen-common depSean Whitton2017-06-19
* bump std-verSean Whitton2017-06-19
* bump debhelper compatSean Whitton2017-06-19
* refresh patchSean Whitton2017-06-19
* bump copyright yearsSean Whitton2017-06-19
* changelogSean Whitton2017-06-19
* Debian package version 2.4-1Sean Whitton2016-05-05
* standards versionSean Whitton2016-05-05
* drop compatSean Whitton2016-05-05
* no upstream PGP sigsSean Whitton2016-05-05
* patch headerSean Whitton2016-05-05
* move quilt patches, whoopsSean Whitton2016-05-05
* drop empty elpa:Depends substvarSean Whitton2016-05-05
* improve descriptionSean Whitton2016-05-05
* no upstream changelogSean Whitton2016-05-05
* add README.DebianSean Whitton2016-05-05
* initial debian packagingSean Whitton2016-05-05