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authorAlfred E. Heggestad <>2016-05-08 11:45:40 +0200
committerAlfred E. Heggestad <>2016-05-08 11:45:40 +0200
commit69a0d93071facdd6e7f5abed9f0147516f50abb9 (patch)
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parent19ac1e6a5e3d302c23cbc7e59bd29457d48d2702 (diff)
h265: remove call to x265_cleanup, fix crash
unloading the module crashes on OpenBSD, inside the libx265.* code. this could be related to linking to both libavcodec and libx265, where also libavcodec links to libx265. the OpenBSD packages supply both static (.a) and shared (.so) libraries, and perhaps there is a problem here that the static version is picked during link time. running with valgrind gives more than 1000 warnings so I doubt that it is free of memory leaks. this commit is a work-around for #106 (fixes #106)
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diff --git a/modules/h265/h265.c b/modules/h265/h265.c
index 8700eca..173da9f 100644
--- a/modules/h265/h265.c
+++ b/modules/h265/h265.c
@@ -54,8 +54,6 @@ static int module_close(void)
- x265_cleanup();
return 0;