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;;; Change log:
;; $Log$
+;; Revision 1.3 2002/10/20 18:03:42 waider
+;; *** empty log message ***
;; Revision 1.2 2002/10/18 10:54:34 waider
;; allows bbdb-pgp.el to be configured to use message.el MML tags to perform
;; the signing and encryption, instead of only plain Mailcrypt which is not
@@ -105,23 +108,50 @@
Report bugs to: Kevin Davidson")
-(defvar bbdb/pgp-field 'pgp-mail
+(defgroup bbdb-utilities-pgp nil
+ "Automatically sign and/or encrypt outgoing messages."
+ :link '(emacs-library-link :tag "Lisp Source File" "bbdb-pgp.el")
+ :group 'bbdb-utilities)
+(defcustom bbdb/pgp-field 'pgp-mail
"*Field to use in BBDB to store PGP preferences.
If this field's value in a record is \"encrypt\" then messages are
-encrypted. If it is \"sign\" then messages are signed.")
+encrypted. If it is \"sign\" then messages are signed."
+ :type 'symbol
+ :tag "BBDB Field"
+ :require 'bbdb
+ :group 'bbdb-utilities-pgp)
-(defvar bbdb/pgp-method 'mailcrypt
+(defcustom bbdb/pgp-method 'mailcrypt
"*How to sign or encrypt messages.
'mailcrypt means use Mailcrypt.
'mml-pgp means add MML tags for Message to use old PGP format
'mml-pgpmime means add MML tags for Message to use PGP/MIME
-'mml-smime means add MML tags for Message to use S/MIME")
-(defvar bbdb/pgp-default-action nil
+'mml-smime means add MML tags for Message to use S/MIME"
+ :type '(choice
+ (const :tag "Mailcrypt" mailcrypt :require 'mailcrypt)
+ (const :tag "MML PGP" mml-pgp :require 'mml)
+ (const :tag "MML PGP/MIME" mml-pgpmime :require 'mml)
+ (const :tag "MML S/MIME" mml-smime :require 'mml))
+ :tag "Signing/Encryption Method"
+ :group 'bbdb-utilities-pgp)
+(defcustom bbdb/pgp-default-action nil
"*Default action when sending a message and the recipient is not in BBDB.
nil means do nothing.
'encrypt means encrypt message.
-'sign means sign message.")
+'sign means sign message."
+ :type '(choice
+ (const :tag "Do Nothing")
+ (const :tag "Encrypt" encrypt)
+ (const :tag "Sign" sign))
+ :tag "Default Action"
+ :group 'bbdb-utilities-pgp)
(defun bbdb/pgp-get-pgp (name address)
"Look up user NAME and ADDRESS in BBDB and return the PGP preference."