path: root/lisp/bbdb-w3.el
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* remove source filesDavid Bremner2019-09-07
* Removed all CVS keywords from the sources as they are a pita when gatewayingRobert Fenk2007-02-21
* * lisp/bbdb-w3.el (bbdb-www): use ftp note as the default when www isRonan Waide2006-05-14
* Compiler cleanupRonan Waide2002-01-06
* (bbdb-www-grab-homepage):Robert Fenk2001-01-17
* * lisp/bbdb.el, lisp/bbdb-com.el: define `unless' and `when' ifSam Steingold2000-05-02
* Colin Rafferty's patch adding autoload cookies backMatt Simmons1998-04-11
* Removed autoloads and added provide for bbdb-w3Matt Simmons1998-01-06
* Use browse-url-browser-function rather than a funcallMatt Simmons1997-10-26
* Added bbdb-insinuate-w3 to set keyboard map correctly. MergedMatt Simmons1997-10-12
* Modifications mailed in by David Carlton <>. TheyMatt Simmons1997-10-11
* Initial revisionMatt Simmons1997-10-11