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Add an exception code and a protocol error code for modifying a
multiply referenced object.
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diff --git a/lib/backupclient/BackupStoreException.txt b/lib/backupclient/BackupStoreException.txt
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--- a/lib/backupclient/BackupStoreException.txt
+++ b/lib/backupclient/BackupStoreException.txt
@@ -69,3 +69,4 @@ IncompatibleFromAndDiffFiles 65 Attempt to use a diff and a from file together,
DiffFromIDNotFoundInDirectory 66 When uploading via a diff, the diff from file must be in the same directory
PatchChainInfoBadInDirectory 67 A directory contains inconsistent information. Run bbstoreaccounts check to fix it.
UnknownObjectRefCountRequested 68 A reference count was requested for an object whose reference count is not known.
+MultiplyReferencedObject 69 Attempted to modify an object with multiple references, should be uncloned first