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Add support for OpenSSL 1.1 and replace deprecated function calls
See for details. Thanks to Chris West @FauxFaux for the initial patch! Use OpenSSL 1.1.0g for Windows superbuild. Fix Windows build by removing calls to obsolete do_ms.bat <>. Workaround for incorrect library suffixes searched by FindOpenSSL <>. Link OpenSSL statically and fix missing dependency on crypt32.lib. (cherry picked from commit edd3687f067c68b131822e0064cdeff5bf7a3835) (cherry picked from commit b003e009d1fccadf55a0f59a01c66f7b80f9b3e5) (cherry picked from commit cc6e20466b857f7e20d816a2c20cb36f112398ab) (cherry picked from commit 303c6405e3bc1e673dbc691792e0633742c01f4e) (cherry picked from commit 4e24006f75142a254f1a7db76cf9da1e752d9283) (cherry picked from commit 448ac48a89538f67f508f8d21931c5e6e90472c0) (cherry picked from commit 00b3bb0697219ef8c742698dd43d53b538e362b1)
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