path: root/bin/bbackupd/
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Fix errors reported by default Unix notify script on backup-ok events,Chris Wilson2011-03-17
* Change default location for config files from /etc/box to Chris Wilson2009-04-09
* Undo mangling by tailorChris Wilson2008-04-04
* TailorizationChris Wilson2008-04-04
* Correct sysconfdir and localstatedir as they weren't doing what they were sup...James O'Gorman2008-03-25
* * Move all commands from bin to sbin on Unix platformsJames O'Gorman2008-02-27
* Correct typo in the generationJames O'Gorman2008-02-12
* Use @sysconfdir_expanded@ as default location for configuration files,Chris Wilson2008-01-28
* Undo bad changes (not all exclude options take a regex).Chris Wilson2007-09-21
* Fix regular expression syntax in examples, thanks Roy!Chris Wilson2007-09-21
* Document and enable KeepAliveTime option by default.Chris Wilson2007-09-07
* Call the notify script whenever backup starts or finishes, but theChris Wilson2007-09-01
* Update the comments in the generated configuration file to better describeChris Wilson2007-08-31
* Fix documentation comments on ExcludeDir/AlwaysInclude.Chris Wilson2007-08-05
* This is part 2 of a patch from James O'Gorman.Martin Ebourne2006-03-04