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* New upstream version 0.13~~git20200326.g8e8b63cReinhard Tartler2020-05-10
* We don't need to redefine TEST_EXECUTABLE here, Test.h does it for us.Chris Wilson2015-12-24
* Fix test/httpserver startup on Windows (compiled with MSVC).Chris Wilson2015-12-24
* Disable httpserver keepalive tests until keepalive support is implemented.Chris Wilson2015-08-29
* Whitespace, import order and comment fixesChris Wilson2015-08-29
* Really fix check for s3simulator memleaks.Chris Wilson2015-08-06
* Fix memleaks file in test after changed in s3simulator daemon.Chris Wilson2015-08-06
* Fix testhttpserver, broken by renaming test executables.Chris Wilson2015-02-23
* Add missing timeouts to reduce noise in testhttpserver.Chris Wilson2014-12-03
* Fix httpserver tests on win32.Chris Wilson2009-04-26
* Move S3Simulator into its own class, like S3Client, for reuse elsewhere.Chris Wilson2009-04-13
* Add missing #include <algorithm> to fix compile on lenny.Chris Wilson2009-04-10
* Fix compile error due to misisng signals on Windows. httpserver testChris Wilson2009-04-09
* Add comment about running test as root.Chris Wilson2009-03-16
* Fix compile error on FreeBSD due to missing #include of signal.hChris Wilson2009-03-15
* Move S3Client class into its own files for public access.Chris Wilson2009-01-09
* Add support for PUT requests in HTTP simulator.Chris Wilson2009-01-09
* Initial implementations of S3Client class.Chris Wilson2009-01-07
* Add Amazon S3 signature checking to simulator.Chris Wilson2009-01-06
* Add support for HTTP PUT requests (uploads) in S3 simulator.Chris Wilson2009-01-05
* First part of S3 Simulator, read-only GET requests.Chris Wilson2009-01-04
* Add ability to send an HTTPRequest to a socket and to parse an Chris Wilson2009-01-03
* Compile and config verify fixes for HTTP server code.Chris Wilson2009-01-03
* Copy tests for HTTP server.Chris Wilson2009-01-03