BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMake fast forward from 0.4.1-2Andrej Shadura3 days
archive/debian/0.4.1-3commit 322b59ba4d...Andrej Shadura3 days
debian/0.4.1-3commit f3fbcea9c3...Andrej Shadura3 days
archive/debian/0.4.1-2commit 5316867c45...Andrej Shadura15 months
debian/0.4.1-2commit b309d7a9a9...Andrej Shadura15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysMake fast forward from 0.4.1-2HEADarchive/debian/0.4.1-3masterAndrej Shadura
3 dayscrossAndrej Shadura
3 daysReword the contradiction in the -e option descriptionAndrej Shadura
3 daysReorder gcc argumentsAngel Abad
3 daysUse int for brightness, not charRaphael Wimmer
3 daysDon’t use deprecated /proc/acpi for AC detectionMoritz Augsburger
3 daysFix hyphens in the manpageAndrej Shadura
3 daysUpdate the changelogdebian/0.4.1-3Andrej Shadura
3 daysFix FTCBFSHelmut Grohne
3 daysMachine-readable debian/copyrightAndrej Shadura