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btrfs-progs: Update README and other docs
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+Release checklist
+Last code touches:
+* make the code ready, collect patches queued for the release
+* look to mailinglist for any relevant last-minute fixes
+* update package in OBS, (multi arch build checks)
+* submit sources to coverity
+* run all internal functional tests
+ * defaults
+ * D=asan
+ * D=ubsan
+* run all build tests
+* run with fstests
+* write CHANGES entry
+* tag release, sign
+* make tar
+* build check of unpacked tar
+* upload tar to
+* refresh git branches, push tags
+* write and send announcement mail to mailinglist
+* update wiki://Main_page#News
+* update wiki://Changelog#btrfs-progs
+* update title on IRC
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@@ -31,26 +31,27 @@ Building from sources
To build from git sources you need to generate the configure script using the
- $ ./
+ $ ./
To build from the released tarballs:
- $ ./configure
- $ make
- $ make install
+ $ ./configure
+ $ make
+ $ make install
You may disable building some parts like documentation, btrfs-convert or
backtrace support. See ./configure --help for more.
Specific CFLAGS or LDFLAGS should be set like
- $ CFLAGS=... LDFLAGS=... ./configure --prefix=/usr
+ $ CFLAGS=... LDFLAGS=... ./configure --prefix=/usr
and not as arguments to make. You can specify additional flags to build via
variables EXTRA_CFLAGS and EXTRA_LDFLAGS that get appended to the predefined
-values of the respective variables.
+values of the respective variables. There are further build tuning options
+documented in the Makefile.
- $ make EXTRA_CFLAGS=-ggdb3
+ $ make EXTRA_CFLAGS=-ggdb3
The build utilizes autotools, dependencies for generating the configure
scripts are:
@@ -60,18 +61,18 @@ scripts are:
* pkg-config
-Staticly built binaries
+Statically built binaries
The makefiles are ready to let you build static binaries of the utilities. This
may be handy in rescue environments. Your system has to provide static version
of the libraries.
-$ make static
-$ make btrfs.static
-$ make btrfs-convert.static
+ $ make static
+ $ make btrfs.static
+ $ make btrfs-convert.static
-The resulting static binaries have the '.static' suffix, the intermediate object
+The resulting binaries have the '.static' suffix, the intermediate object
files do not conflict with the normal (dynamic) build.
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-Btrfs-progs [![build status](](
+Btrfs-progs [![build status](]( [![coverity status](](
Userspace utilities to manage btrfs filesystems.
@@ -14,28 +14,73 @@ This repository hosts following utilities:
* **btrfs** &mdash; the main administration tool ([manual page](
* **mkfs.btrfs** &mdash; utility to create the filesystem ([manual page](
-See INSTALL for build instructions.
+See INSTALL for build instructions and [tests/](tests/ for
+testing information.
Release cycle
The major version releases are time-based and follow the cycle of the linux
kernel releases. The cycle usually takes 2 months. A minor version releases may
-happen in the meantime if there are queued bug fixes or minor useful
+happen in the meantime if there are bug fixes or minor useful improvements
+The release tags are signed with a GPG key ID `F2B4 1200 C54E FB30 380C 1756 C565 D5F9 D76D 583B`,
+release tarballs are hosted at [](
+See file [CHANGES](CHANGES) or [changelogs on wiki](
+Reporting bugs
+There are several ways, each has its own specifics and audience that can give
+feedback or work on a fix.
+* []( -- (requires
+ registration), set the product to Filesystems and component Btrfs, please put
+ 'btrfs-progs' into the subject so it's clear that it's not a kernel bug
+ report
+* to the mailing list ** -- (not required to
+ subscribe), beware that the mail might get overlooked in other traffic
+* [github issue tracker](
+* IRC ( #btrfs) -- good for discussions eg. if a bug is already
+ known, but reports could miss developers' attention
The patch submissions, development or general discussions take place at
-** mailinglist, subsciption not required.
+** mailinglist, subsciption is not required to post.
+The GitHub pull requests will not be accepted directly, the preferred way is to
+send patches to the mailinglist instead. You can link to a branch in any git
+repository if the mails do not make it to the mailinglist or just for
+convenience (makes it easier to test).
+The development model of btrfs-progs shares a lot with the kernel model. The
+github way is different in some ways. We, the upstream community, expect that
+the patches meet some criteria (often lacking in github contributions):
+* **one logical change per patch**: eg. not mixing bugfixes, cleanups, features
+ etc., sometimes it's not clear and will be usually pointed out during reviews
+* proper **subject line**: eg. prefix with _btrfs-progs: subpart, ..._ ,
+ descriptive yet not too long, see `git log --oneline` for some inspiration
+* proper **changelog**: the changelogs are often missing or lacking explanation _why_
+ the change was made, or _how_ is something broken, _what_ are user-visible
+ effects of the bug or the fix, _how_ does an improvement help or the intended
+ _usecase_
+* the **Signed-off-by** line: this documents who authored the change, you can read
+ more about the _The Developer's Certificate of Origin_ [here (chapter 11)](
+**Exceptions**: documentation fixes or updates do not need much explanation so
+sticking to the above rules is not necessary. Github pull requests are OK.
-* [Wiki with more information](
-* [Btrfs-progs changelogs](
-* [wiki/FAQ](
+* [wiki/Developer's FAQ]('s_FAQ)
* [wiki/Getting started](
* [wiki/TODO](
-* [wiki/Developer's FAQ]('s_FAQ)
+* [Btrfs-progs changelogs](
+* [wiki/FAQ](
+* [Wiki with more information](
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# Btrfs-progs tests
A testsuite covering functionality of btrfs-progs, ie. the checker, image, mkfs
-and similar tools. There are no special requirements on kernel features, the
+and similar tools. There are no additional requirements on kernel features
+(other than `CONFIG_BTRFS_FS` built-in or module), the
tests build on top of the core functionality like snapshots and device
management. In some cases optional features are turned on by mkfs and the
filesystem image could be mounted, such tests might fail if there's lack of