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btrfs-progs: Add helpers functions to handle the printing of data in tabular format
This patch adds some functions to manage the printing of the data in tabular format. The function struct string_table *table_create(int columns, int rows) creates an (empty) table. The functions char *table_printf(struct string_table *tab, int column, int row, char *fmt, ...) char *table_vprintf(struct string_table *tab, int column, int row, char *fmt, va_list ap) populate the table with text. To align the text to the left, the text shall be prefixed with '<', otherwise the text shall be prefixed by a '>'. If the first character is a '=', the the text is replace by a sequence of '=' to fill the column width. The function void table_free(struct string_table *) frees all the data associated to the table. The function void table_dump(struct string_table *tab) prints the table on stdout. Signed-off-by: Goffredo Baroncelli <> Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
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