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authorWang Shilong <>2013-11-13 17:25:46 +0800
committerChris Mason <>2014-01-31 08:22:02 -0800
commit67d3c3c0d3505377e6468849b086aefc69ae5411 (patch)
tree9a157f6ea32d581a98c43b492898dfaa311d803b /cmds-receive.c
parent72f1835ae4ed46c56d47fe10e9189708e7704246 (diff)
Btrfs-progs: try harder to make btrfs receive successfully
Steps to reproduce: # mkfs.btrfs -f <dev> # mount <dev> <mnt> # mkdir <mnt>/backup # btrfs sub create <mnt>/subv # btrfs sub snapshot -r <mnt>/subv <mnt>/snap1 # btrfs sub snapshot -r <mnt>/subv <mnt>/snap2 # btrfs send <mnt>/snap2 -p <mnt>/snap1 -f sent_file # btrfs receive -f sent_file <mnt>/backup Above steps will make btrfs receive fails with "ERROR: can not find parent subvolume", this is because we try to find parent subvolume by RECEIVED_SUBVOL_KEY,and it will return ENOENT if parent snapshot has not been sent or it has been deleted. Actually, we can try harder to find whether parent subvolume exists by searching uuid key. Signed-off-by: Wang Shilong <> Reviewed-by: Stefan Behrens <> Signed-off-by: David Sterba <> Signed-off-by: Chris Mason <>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/cmds-receive.c b/cmds-receive.c
index 2b880c01..95dc3ec4 100644
--- a/cmds-receive.c
+++ b/cmds-receive.c
@@ -234,6 +234,10 @@ static int process_snapshot(const char *path, const u8 *uuid, u64 ctransid,
parent_subvol = subvol_uuid_search(&r->sus, 0, parent_uuid,
parent_ctransid, NULL, subvol_search_by_received_uuid);
if (!parent_subvol) {
+ parent_subvol = subvol_uuid_search(&r->sus, 0, parent_uuid,
+ parent_ctransid, NULL, subvol_search_by_uuid);
+ }
+ if (!parent_subvol) {
ret = -ENOENT;
fprintf(stderr, "ERROR: could not find parent subvolume\n");
goto out;