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authorLuca Bruno <>2009-06-03 12:04:41 -0400
committerChris Mason <>2009-06-03 12:15:40 -0400
commit6fa19b04d9bcf71131ba7969a9f43a63dd1960aa (patch)
tree7379bcb25367652a616bc27317af6846919e217d /mkfs.c
parent99b6d94018a684031b802dd362e2fd21c7be6fe6 (diff)
Fix printf format casting errors
There are still some warnings of the form: format '%llu' expects type 'long long unsigned int' but argument has type 'u64' In conjunction with -Werror, this is causing some build failures. Now they're properly casted, avoiding compiler warnings. Signed-off-by: Luca Bruno <> Signed-off-by: Chris Mason <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/mkfs.c b/mkfs.c
index af7d12c9..4f959f74 100644
--- a/mkfs.c
+++ b/mkfs.c
@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ int main(int ac, char **av)
fprintf(stderr, "File system size "
"%llu bytes is too small, "
"256M is required at least\n",
- block_count);
+ (unsigned long long)block_count);
zero_end = 0;