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authorDimitri John Ledkov <>2018-05-08 14:17:29 -0700
committerDimitri John Ledkov <>2018-05-08 14:17:29 -0700
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New upstream release.
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diff --git a/send-utils.h b/send-utils.h
index e8f86912..5f5e096f 100644
--- a/send-utils.h
+++ b/send-utils.h
@@ -104,15 +104,6 @@ void subvol_uuid_search_add(struct subvol_uuid_search *s,
int btrfs_subvolid_resolve(int fd, char *path, size_t path_len, u64 subvol_id);
- * DEPRECATED: the functions path_cat and path_cat3 are unsafe and should not
- * be used, use the _out variants and always check the return code.
- */
-char *path_cat(const char *p1, const char *p2);
-char *path_cat3(const char *p1, const char *p2, const char *p3);
int path_cat_out(char *out, const char *p1, const char *p2);
int path_cat3_out(char *out, const char *p1, const char *p2, const char *p3);