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* btrfs-progs: docs: fix typos in READMEs, INSTALL and CHANGESJosh Soref2018-11-26
* libbtrfsutil: add Python bindingsOmar Sandoval2018-02-24
* btrfs-progs: build: specify minimal library version for reiserfs supportDavid Sterba2018-01-03
* btrfs-progs: build: mention library dependency for reiserfsDavid Sterba2017-11-14
* btrfs-progs: build: require libzstd support by defaultDavid Sterba2017-11-14
* btrfs-progs: Add zstd supportNick Terrell2017-09-25
* btrfs-progs: Update README and other docsDavid Sterba2016-11-23
* btrfs-progs: INSTALL: enhance build instructionsDavid Sterba2015-09-07
* btrfs-progs: makefile: add support for additional build flagsDavid Sterba2015-09-01
* btrfs-progs: INSTALL: fix typosDavid Sterba2015-06-22
* btrfs-progs: convert: drop dependency on sys/acl.hDavid Sterba2015-05-14
* btrfs-progs: update INSTALLDavid Sterba2015-02-27
* btrfs-progs: Add more detailed package bdependency information to INSTALL fileAugusto Mecking Caringi2015-02-27
* btrfs-progs: Add information about libblkid requirement to INSTALL fileAugusto Mecking Caringi2014-08-22
* Removing btrfsctl, btrfs-vol, btrfs-showGoffredo Baroncelli2013-03-19
* btrfs-progs-unstable: replace debug-tree to btrfs-debug-tree in INSTALLWang Sheng-Hui2011-10-25
* Update/clean up btrfs help and man page V2Goffredo Baroncelli2011-10-25
* Documentation updateChris Mason2007-06-28
* i386 fixes from axboeChris Mason2007-06-12