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* Initialize `sesman-system` in all CIDER modesVitalie Spinu2018-07-13
* [Fix #2347] Remove direct manipulations of cider-ancillary-buffersBozhidar Batsov2018-06-24
* Revert "Remove cider-compat.el"Bozhidar Batsov2018-06-18
* Remove cider-compat.elBozhidar Batsov2018-06-18
* New connection API and jack-in rewrite (#2324)Vitalie Spinu2018-06-17
* [#2199] Indentation adjustments, per elisp-lintNeil Okamoto2018-03-05
* Replace a few occurrences of when + not with unlessBozhidar Batsov2017-12-24
* Replace `if-let` and `when-let` with starred versionsTianxiang Xiong2017-12-11
* Don't set `show-args` to `t` in `cl-assert`Tianxiang Xiong2017-07-23
* [Fix #1352] Add checkdoc to build (#1957)Erik Assum2017-03-10
* Add cider-history command, based on browse-kill-ringJohn Valente2017-01-11