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* avoid referring to $package in error messageJoey Hess2014-10-10
* remove %package_profilesJoey Hess2014-10-10
* clean up profiles codeJoey Hess2014-10-10
* fix layoutJoey Hess2014-10-10
* use libdpkg-perl to parse and evaluate build profilesjosch2014-10-10
* Pass --disable-silent-rules in dh_auto_configure if DH_VERBOSE is set.Joey Hess2014-06-13
* Fix breakage in no-act mode introduced in last release.Joey Hess2014-02-28
* Initial implementation of support for Build-Profiles fields. Thanks, Daniel S...Joey Hess2014-02-12
* Use realclean instead of distclean on perl_build buildsystem.gregor herrmann2014-02-04
* dh_makeshlibs: Defer propigating dpkg-gensymbols error until all packages hav...Joey Hess2014-01-30
* cmake: Configure with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=None Closes: #701233Joey Hess2013-12-05
* Fix (horrible) make output parsing code to work with make 4.0. Closes: #72880...Joey Hess2013-11-05
* makefile buildsystem: Tighten heuristic to detect if makefile target exists. ...Joey Hess2013-08-20
* dh_install, dh_installdocs, dh_clean: Fix uses of find -exec which cause it t...Joey Hess2013-08-15
* Fix typo for propagateGuillem Jover2013-08-09
* perl_build: Use -- long option names, for compatability with Module::Build::T...Joey Hess2013-06-30
* makefile buildsystem: Added heuristic to catch false positive in makefile tar...Joey Hess2013-06-24
* Correct broken patch for #706923. Closes: #707481Joey Hess2013-06-04
* Revert unsetting INSTALL_BASE. Closes: #708452 Reopens: #705141Joey Hess2013-05-16
* Revert python2.X-minimal fix, because it was buggy. Closes: #707111 (Reopens ...Joey Hess2013-05-07
* makefile buildsystem: Pass any parameters specified after -- when running mak...Joey Hess2013-05-06
* perl_makemaker: Unset INSTALL_BASE in case the user has it set. Closes: #705141Joey Hess2013-05-05
* cmake: Configure with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo Closes: #701233Joey Hess2013-02-24
* add commentJoey Hess2012-11-12
* Makefile: introduce PREFIX variableChristoph Junghans2012-11-12
* adjust other fixJoey Hess2012-10-22
* Merge branch 'wheezy'Joey Hess2012-09-09
| * Make it possible to pass perl code to autoscript.Marcin Owsiany2012-09-09
* | python distutils buildsystem: When checking if a version of python is install...Joey Hess2012-08-27
* | python distutils buildsystem: Propigate failure of pyversions. Closes: #68355...Joey Hess2012-08-27
* debhelper: Fix minor source comment typos.Simon Ruderich2012-05-19
* Improve -v logging. Closes: #672448Joey Hess2012-05-11
* releasing version 9.20120419Joey Hess2012-04-17
* cmake: Only pass CPPFLAGS in CFLAGS in v9.Joey Hess2012-04-17
* cmake: Pass CPPFLAGS in CFLAGS. Closes: #668813 Thanks, Simon Ruderich for th...Joey Hess2012-04-17
* comment typoJoey Hess2012-03-26
* Revert avoid expanding shell metacharacters in sed call in autoscript(). It b...Joey Hess2012-03-22
* Also include CFLAGS in ld line for perl. Closes: #662666Joey Hess2012-03-13
* Pass CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS to Makefile.PL and Build.PLDominic Hargreaves2012-03-11
* avoid expanding shell variables in sed stringJoey Hess2012-02-21
* dh_auto_install: Set AM_UPDATE_INFO_DIR=no to avoid automake generating an in...Joey Hess2012-02-08
* spelingJoey Hess2012-01-15
* v9 doneJoey Hess2012-01-15
* Only enable executable config files in v9. The quality of file permissions in...Joey Hess2011-12-09
* Pass CPPFLAGS to qmake. Closes: #646129 Thanks, Felix GeyertJoey Hess2011-12-08
* executable config files. bleh, arghJoey Hess2011-12-07
* Use target architecture for build directory name.Tom Hughes2011-10-06
* Pass CFLAGS also to perl_build.gregor herrmann2011-09-30
* setting OPTIMIZE could in theory lead to breakage, so make it v9Joey Hess2011-09-29
* fix indentationJoey Hess2011-09-29