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* Update dh_installemacsen for emacsen-common 2.0.Modestas Vainius2013-11-03
* dh_installinit: remove duplicate systemd-tmpfiles callMichael Stapelberg2013-05-07
* dh_installinit: call systemd-tmpfiles with the config file namesMichael Stapelberg2013-05-04
* systemd: update check to look for /run/systemd/systemMichael Stapelberg2013-03-20
* dh_installinit: only add systemd-tmpfiles --create when shipping tmpfilesMichael Stapelberg2012-10-29
* Support systemd in dh_installinit and postinst/postrmMichael Stapelberg2012-10-28
* Revert "Support systemd in dh_installinit and postinst/postrm"Joey Hess2012-10-28
* Support systemd in dh_installinit and postinst/postrmMichael Stapelberg2012-10-15
* Merge branch 'wheezy'Joey Hess2012-08-30
| * dh_installcatalogs: Adjust catalog conffile conversion to avoid dpkg conffile...Joey Hess2012-08-30
* | Do not call update-mime and update-mime-database in maint. scripts as they ar...Charles Plessy2012-08-27
* dh_installcatalogs: Turn /etc/sgml/$ into conffiles and introduce ...Joey Hess2012-05-28
* dh_ucf: fix test for ucf/ucfr availability and quote filenamesJeroen Schot2011-08-23
* dh_ucf: Fix missing space before ']'s in postrm autoscript.Jeroen Schot2011-04-28
* Bug#213078: debhelper: please consider providing dh_ucfJeroen Schot2011-04-25
* dh_installinit: never call init scripts directly, only through invoke-rc.dSteve Langasek2011-01-25
* maintscript filesJoey Hess2010-11-02
* postrm-init: Avoid calling the error handler if update-rc.d fails. Closes: #5...Joey Hess2010-06-16
* Remove autoscripts for GConfJosselin Mouette2010-04-10
* consistent indentJoey Hess2009-12-29
* dh_installudev transitionJoey Hess2009-08-21
* dh_installinfo: No longer inserts install-info calls into maintainer scriptsJoey Hess2009-06-26
* dh_gconf: Remove postrm fragment that handled schema migration from /etc to /...Joey Hess2009-05-29
* dh_scrollkeeper: Now a deprecated no-op. Closes: #530806Joey Hess2009-05-27
* dh_desktop: Now a deprecated no-op, since desktop-file-utils uses triggers. C...Joey Hess2009-04-10
* Revert "dh_installmenus: Now that a triggers capable menu and dpkg are in sta...Joey Hess2009-03-09
* dh_installdocs: No longer add maintainer script code to call doc-base, as it ...Joey Hess2009-03-06
* dh_installmenus: Now that a triggers capable menu and dpkg are in stable, men...Joey Hess2009-03-06
* conffile moving idiocyJoey Hess2009-03-02
* dh_gconf: Support mandatory settings. Closes: #513923Joey Hess2009-02-02
* dh_installinit: Add --restart-after-upgrade, which avoids stopping a daemon i...Joey Hess2008-05-08
* * dh_icons: Now that GTK 2.12 has entered testing, use the much simpler toJoey Hess2007-11-02
* r2030: * dh_installmodules: Since modutils is gone, stop supportingjoeyh2007-09-18
* r2017: * dh_icons: Check for index.theme files before updating the cache.joeyh2007-07-13
* r2013: * Remove DOS line endings from dh_icons scriptlets. Thanks, Daniel Hol...joeyh2007-07-09
* r2010: * dh_icons: New program to update Freedesktop icon caches. Thanksjoeyh2007-07-08
* r2004: file. (Thanks Wakko)joeyh2007-05-31
* r1997: * dh_installwm: Fix several stupid bugs, including:joeyh2007-04-20
* r1990: releasing version 5.0.46joeyh2007-04-16
* r1985: cleanupjoeyh2007-04-12
* r1984: * dh_installudev: Install udev rules directly into /etc/udev/rules.d/,...joeyh2007-04-12
* r1980: * prerm and postrm scripts are now generated in a reverse order thanjoeyh2007-04-09
* r1978: * dh_installudev: Don't fail if the link already somehow exists on ini...joeyh2007-04-09
* r1967: * dh_installudev: Fix postrm to not fail if the udev symlink is missing.joeyh2007-01-21
* r1956: * Correct some incorrect instances of "v4 only" in docs. Closes: #381536joeyh2006-11-07
* r1932: split the scripts for the two cases, undo behavior changejoeyh2006-06-12
* r1931: * dh_installxfonts: In postrm, run the deregistraton code even on upgr...joeyh2006-06-12
* r1929: * dh_installmodules: depmod -a is no longer run during boot, so if a m...joeyh2006-06-09
* r1881: * Add dh_installudev by Marco d'Itri.joeyh2006-02-23
* r1856: * dh_python: Temporarily revert change in 5.0.13 to make use ofjoeyh2006-01-16