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* Merge commit '4402e553df5279c2f65aee8623aca504988cc508'Joey Hess2014-10-10
| * use libdpkg-perl to parse and evaluate build profilesjosch2014-10-10
* | bump standards versiondebian/9.20141003Joey Hess2014-10-03
* | urlsJoey Hess2014-08-29
* prep releasedebian/9.20131227Joey Hess2013-12-27
* dh_shlibdeps: Use new dpkg-shlibdeps -l option instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATHGuillem Jover2013-12-27
* team list being createdJoey Hess2013-11-03
* releasing version 9.20130624Joey Hess2013-06-24
* dh_installchangelogs: No longer automatically converts html changelogs. A pla...Joey Hess2013-05-25
* Set Multi-Arch: foreign. Closes: #674193Joey Hess2012-05-23
* Fix versioned dependency on dpkg for xz options. Closes: #672895Joey Hess2012-05-14
* dh_builddeb: Build udebs with xz compression, level 1, extreme strategy.Joey Hess2012-05-13
* Conflict with too old automake for AM_UPDATE_INFO_DIR=no. Closes: #666901Joey Hess2012-04-02
* releasing version 9.20120312Joey Hess2012-03-13
* Remove obsolete versioned dependency on perl-base.Joey Hess2011-08-29
* remove build-dep on fileJoey Hess2011-08-29
* debhelper no longer build-depends on man-db, to ease bootstrapping.Joey Hess2011-08-29
* releasing version 8.1.5Joey Hess2011-04-27
* Depend on dpkg-dev (>= 1.16.0) for multiarch support.Joey Hess2011-03-12
* avoid depending on a dpkg that has DEB_HOST_MULTIARCHJoey Hess2011-03-12
* Add support for multiarch.Steve Langasek2011-03-12
* releasing version 8.1.0Joey Hess2011-02-05
* Explicitly build-depend on a new enough perl-base. Closes: #601188Joey Hess2010-11-02
* releasing version 8.0.0Joey Hess2010-08-07
* releasing version 7.4.15Joey Hess2010-02-18
* releasing version 7.3.14Joey Hess2009-08-17
* releasing version 7.3.7Joey Hess2009-07-24
* Add a versioned dep on perl-base, to get a version that supports GetOptionsFr...Joey Hess2009-07-08
* releasing version 7.2.8Joey Hess2009-04-20
* Depend on dpkg-dev 1.14.19, the first to support Package-Type fields in dpkg-...Joey Hess2009-02-23
* Add Vcs-Browser field. Closes: #507804Joey Hess2008-12-04
* lintian wingesJoey Hess2008-06-16
* Add a build dependency on file. The rules file now runs dh_strip and dh_shlib...Joey Hess2008-06-16
* jeesus, lintian is piiickyJoey Hess2008-02-27
* needs build-dep on man-db tooJoey Hess2008-01-28
* recode manual pages to UTF-8Colin Watson2008-01-28
* releasing version 6.0.0Joey Hess2008-01-08
* * dh_shlibdeps: Change "-L pkg" to cause "-Sdebian/pkg" to be passed toJoey Hess2008-01-04
* * dh_makeshlibs: Use new -I flag to specify symbol files, necessary toJoey Hess2007-11-29
* add homepage fieldJoey Hess2007-11-06
* * Debhelper is now developed in a git repository.Joey Hess2007-10-22
* r2037: Vcs- fields are now officialjoeyh2007-10-10
* r1955: * Tighten python-support and python-central dependencies of debhelper,joeyh2006-10-27
* r1949: releasing version 5.0.40joeyh2006-10-06
* r1947: updatejoeyh2006-10-04
* r1945: * Conflict with python-support <= 0.5.2 and python-central <= 0.5.4.joeyh2006-10-01
* r1944: forgot thisjoeyh2006-10-01
* r1941: * ACK last three NMUs with thanks to Raphael Hertzog for making the be...joeyh2006-10-01
* r1940: add svn fieldjoeyh2006-09-22
* r1936: joeyh2006-07-02