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* remove obsolete linkDavid Bremner2020-10-11
* fixup copyright notices, without changing licenseJonas Bernoulli2018-10-14
* fix indentation and remove excessive whitespaceJonas Bernoulli2018-10-14
* Import Debian version 36.3Peter S Galbraith2018-03-22
* Fix Bug 613776psg2016-11-05
* apt-utils-el: Bug fix: "Apt-util.el doesn't know about Description-fr",psg2011-06-24
* Sync with upstream.mphodges-guest2010-07-18
* Sync with upstream.mphodges-guest2010-07-18
* Sync with upstream.mphodges-guest2010-07-16
* Sync with upstream.mphodges-guest2010-06-23
* apt-utils.el:psg2009-02-23
* apt-utils.el: "suggest apt-utils-show-package defer package namepsg2007-10-10
* apt-utils.el: New upstream release 2.8.0psg2006-09-06
* New upstream versionpsg2005-11-04
* debian-el:psg2005-06-02
* debian-el: apt-utils.el: Updated to latest version from Matt, in which hepsg2004-11-26
* apt-utils.el: new upstream version from Matt.psg2004-08-26
* Latest version from Matt to close bug #249061; man pages are accessible throu...psg2004-08-03
* - apt-utils.el: Updated to v1.82 (2004/02/17). Bug fix: "debian-el:psg2004-02-20
* apt-utils.el: Updated to v1.78 (2004/01/04). Allow for multiplepsg2004-01-05
* apt-utils.el: Updated to v1.72 (2003/11/25). More robust finding ofpsg2003-11-25
* apt-utils.el: Updated to v1.54 (2003/06/24)psg2003-06-25
* apt-utils.el: Updated to v1.54, adds autoload tag.psg2003-06-23
* apt-utils.el: Updated to v1.53 (2003/06/19)psg2003-06-19
* apt-utils.el: Updated to v1.45psg2003-05-30
* apt-utils.el: Updated to v1.44psg2003-05-30
* Add apt-utils.elpsg2003-05-06