BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterchangelog: document change and finalise changelogIan Jackson3 days
archive/debian/10.5commit 32c7e1fd7f...Ian Jackson3 days
debian/10.5commit 32c7e1fd7f...Ian Jackson3 days
archive/debian/10.4commit 5bb461ee08...Ian Jackson4 weeks
debian/10.4commit 5bb461ee08...Ian Jackson4 weeks
archive/debian/10.3commit 97df186621...Ian Jackson5 weeks
debian/10.3commit 97df186621...Ian Jackson5 weeks
archive/debian/10.2commit d9cc0cf8e5...Ian Jackson7 weeks
debian/10.2commit d9cc0cf8e5...Ian Jackson7 weeks
archive/debian/10.1commit 9fc43fccbc...Ian Jackson3 months
debian/10.1commit 9fc43fccbc...Ian Jackson3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-12-19changelog: finalise 2.12archive/debian/2.12Ian Jackson
2016-12-19absurd/git: Do not fail to import a .dsc containing patches to .git/ (!)Ian Jackson
2016-12-19absurd/git Do not fail to import certain weird .dscsIan Jackson
2016-12-19Produce better error reporting when absurd git wrapper fails on a patchIan Jackson
2016-12-19absurd/git: Better debuggingIan Jackson
2016-12-19absurd/git: Introduce log()Ian Jackson
2016-12-19Do not fail when cloning a package containing dangling symlinks.Ian Jackson
2016-12-19By default, generate a DEP-14 tag as well as a dgit archive/* tagIan Jackson
2016-12-19dgit: Break out access_cfg_tagformats_can_splitbrainIan Jackson
2016-12-19Suppress some leftover debugging output from import-dsc. Closes:#847658.Ian Jackson