BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterchangelog: finalise 9.9Ian Jackson4 months
archive/debian/9.9_bpo10+1commit b7fe58b0f4...Sean Whitton4 months
debian/9.9_bpo10+1commit b7fe58b0f4...Sean Whitton4 months
archive/debian/9.9commit 896c944749...Ian Jackson4 months
debian/9.9commit 896c944749...Ian Jackson4 months
archive/debian/9.8commit 0f3b575f5c...Ian Jackson5 months
debian/9.8commit 0f3b575f5c...Ian Jackson5 months
archive/debian/9.7_bpo9+1commit 1045e26443...Sean Whitton5 months
debian/9.7_bpo9+1commit 1045e26443...Sean Whitton5 months
archive/debian/9.7commit 690ba12221...Ian Jackson5 months
debian/9.7commit 690ba12221...Ian Jackson5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-07-16changelog: finalise 3.12debian/3.12archive/debian/3.12Ian Jackson
2017-07-16quilt fixup: Check that funny changes are represented properlyIan Jackson
2017-07-16quilt fixup: Check we can delete files with funny modesIan Jackson
2017-07-16dgit: unrepres. changes: Tolerate creation of symlinksIan Jackson
2017-07-16dgit: unrepres. changes: Tolerate deletion of executable filesIan Jackson
2017-07-16dgit: unrepres. changes: Separate out creation and deletionIan Jackson
2017-07-16dgit: unrepres. changes: Prepare to tolerate symlinksIan Jackson
2017-07-16test suite: Test symlink modification and deletion, not creationIan Jackson
2017-07-16test suite: run git gc on tests/worktrees/example_1.0.tarIan Jackson
2017-07-16test suite: Introduce example 1.1 orig containg some interesting objectsIan Jackson